ROKiT Life Services are you connection to all of life's basic necessities, especially human contact.

All ROKiT phones include 12 months$60 value of international and domestic Wi-Fi calling

ROKiT IO phones also include 12 months of the Life Support Plan (Family Telemedicine + Pharmacy Savings)

COMING SOON: Add any other plans you think make sense for your life

ROK Life Plans are not sold separately and must be added to the purchase of a device (which includes Wi-Fi calling + other services)

Life Support Plan


Family Telemedicine

Forget waiting rooms. Help for minor things like cough, flu, "it's just a scratch" injuries and more are available on your device 24/7.

Pharmacy Savings

Easy refills. Big discounts. Save up to 75% on all the generic and brand-name prescriptions you need at over 62,000 pharmacies.

Getaway Plan


Family Roadside Assistance

Armor for the road warrior. 24/7 Roadside assistance for the flat tire, battery jump, lock out, empty gas tank and tow service.

Contingency Plan


identity Theft Insurance

Your hacker heroes. If hackers attack, our experts will restore your identity to its original status. Plus, you get up to $1 million to offset the cost.

Family Legal Services

Separation of lawyer from wallet. Includes nine free legal services like a free simple will, phone and face-to-face consultation, document review, legal letter writing and more.

Backup Plan


Burial & Cremation Insurance

Go out in style. Your designated beneficiary will be entitled to a reimbursement of up to $20,000 to cover your burial, cremation, and other final expenses.

Accidental Death Insurance

Leave behind peace of mind. $100,000 of Accidental Death Insurance and provides a cash benefit to your designated beneficiary.

Fully Loaded Plan


Includes All Plans

Big Baller who doesn't mess around? Get the Fully Loaded plan for a couple bucks off.

Coming soon: ROK TV $2/mo, ROK Games $2/mo

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