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Our life services are your lifeline.

Now your phone can fix a flat, bail you out, and cure that rash.

Connecting People to a better life

We are the first company to pair vital life services with affordable, high-quality phones. Because we believe having these basic necessities is a right for everyone, not just the chosen few.

Everyone should have access to basic healthcare advice and phone services, no matter who or where you are in the world.

Many people on a fixed income, the health services could make a huge difference each month.

Some people may be able to cancel their monthly phone service and use the WiFi calling included with my ROKiT phone.

- Jonathan Kendrick

Success unshared is failure. The best definition of success to me is being able to help others.

- John Paul Dejoria

ROKiT's mission

ROK Health

Now your phone can cure that rash. Through MeMD, Family Telemedicine gives you access to a doctor 24/7/365 for minor things like a cough or flu – all from your device. Plus, save up to 75% on generic or brand-name prescriptions through Pharmacy Savings. Learn More

ROK Drive

Now your phone can fix a flat. ROK Drive gives you access to Roadside Protect, which provides roadside assistance for things like a flat tire, battery issues, and when you forget to fill up and run out of gas. Learn More

ROK Life

Now your phone can do it all. ROK Life is our comprehensive coverage plan, combining all of the services from ROK Health and ROK Drive, plus others. From Family Telemedicine to Identity Theft protection, ROK Life is your lifeline. Learn More

* Accidental Death Insurance is not life insurance

ROK Media

Now your phone can entertain you. ROK Media is our one-stop-shop for content. ROK Media includes both ROKFLiX 3D and ROK Entertainment. Now you can enjoy exclusive 3D content through ROKFLiX 3D, exclusive and original TV through ROK TV, a library of 400+ games through ROKiT Games, and curated chart-topping hits through Stingray Music. Learn More

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