FAQs: What is ROKiT?

Hello world,

It’s us, ROKiT. Here to answer the question “What is ROKiT?”

We’ve been hearing from many of you that you are aware of our brand thanks to our partnerships with The Houston Rockets, ROKiT Williams Formula One, Alexis DeJoria, and others. That’s great!

Now that we have your attention, we would like to take our relationship to the next level. 

So, allow us to explain who we are and what we do. We think you’re going to like us. 

First, we’ll admit to having a wide variety of interests. We can’t help it — our founders are entrepreneurs at heart. Our numerous global brands belong to the ROKiT Group. We know we have a lot of companies, so today we want to focus on our most noteworthy ROKiT products: ROKiT Phones, ROKiT Drinks, ROKiT Comics, and ROKiT Cities. Feel free to check out our full brand catalogue on our ROKiT Group website

ROKiT Phones

We started our company in the early 2000s to sell affordable phones with premium features. Our goal is to connect you to a better life through our products. We have a lineup of phones that are an excellent value for you and your family. Each ROKiT phone is unlocked and features dual-sim technology. We also offer smartphones with revolutionary glasses-free 3D displays. 

Each ROKiT phone comes with the unprecedented ROKiT Life Services app, featuring ROKiT Telemedicine and ROKiT Entertainment

ROKiT Drinks

We are not just a mobile phone company. We also have two award-winning premium drink brands: ABK beer and Bogart Spirits. 

Our 700-year-old brewery in Bavaria produces all of our craft ABK beer. Our signature beers are our lighter beers Rose (yes, it’s pink), Hell, and Edel, and our darker beers Pils and Schwarz. Check out our full lineup on the ABK website.

Our premium line of Bogart Spirits bears the signature and swagger of Hollywood legend Humphrey Bogart. We have superior vodka, gin, whiskey, and bourbon. Check out our website for tasting notes. 

ROKiT Comics

We love classic comic books so much that we decided to start our own comic book label. Two of our most noteworthy titles are T.E.A.M. Mobile and The Devils. Our comics are available in print for purchase on the Antarctic Press website and digitally for free on the App Store and the Google Play Store

ROKiT Cities

At ROKiT we are committed to connecting you to a better life. We believe access to the internet should be a human right. That’s why we started ROKiT Cities. This initiative is our effort to make WiFi widely available around the world through WiFi XL mesh networking. 

We understand that you still might find us difficult to define because we do so much. Let us help with what to say the next time someone asks, “What is ROKiT?” 

ROKiT is a lifestyle brand connecting you to a better life through services and entertainment. 

You’re welcome. 

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