How-To: Watching 3D YouTube Videos on Your ROKiT iO 3D or iO Pro 3D


Are you the proud owner of a ROKiT iO 3D or an iO Pro 3D? Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of our finest 3-D content? If you answered yes to both of those questions, we have one more thing to ask.  

We don’t want to cause you alarm, but what happens when your bingeing speed is faster than our release schedule in the ROKFLiX 3D app and you face a dreaded content drought?

Don’t panic! We’ve got your back.

We curated a playlist on our official ROKiT YouTube page filled with 3-D videos from third-party creators that look excellent on our 3-D devices. You’re welcome. 

Feel like learning about nature? It’s in the playlist. Rather zone out to a mesmerizing series of spirals? That’s in there too. Spend your time how you like. We won’t judge. 

Click here for the link.

But wait, first you need to configure your iO 3D or iO Pro 3D to correctly play SBS (that’s side-by-side) 3-D videos that you watch in the YouTube app. Trust us, it’s easy. 

Here’s what you need to do:

1.     Go to your app window and select the app “3DFV.”

2.     You will see the below screen. Make sure you select 3D Service Setting (On). The bar to the right will be green when this is enabled.

3.     Exit out of the app. Now you can open up our playlist.

4.     Choose your video and open it in full-screen landscape mode.

5.     The following window will either appear or you will need to click on the little arrow on the middle left of the screen to bring it up.

6.     To enable 3-D viewing, change the video format from “normal” to “half.”

7.     Then, kick back and enjoy your 3-D experience!

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