Tips from ROKiT Telemedicine to Avoid Spreading the Coronavirus

Hello all! 

If you’re like us, you might be worried about the presence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) within our country. Here in the US, it’s not realistic for the majority of us to stay home every day until the virus becomes more contained. We all have jobs and other obligations that put us into contact with a myriad of people throughout the day. It seems the best practice is to implement some changes into our daily lives to prevent the spread of illness. Don’t panic, be smart!

Here are some helpful tips to stay healthy recommended by health authorities:


– Immediately following a trip to the bathroom — you should already do this
– After coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose, or making other contact with your nose or mouth
– Before you eat or touch your face

– Use soap and scrub for at least 20 seconds before washing with hot water — it helps if you sing “Happy Birthday” from beginning to end twice!
– If a faucet is unavailable, disinfect hands with alcohol-based sanitizer

Disinfect Surfaces

– Do this at least once a day, particularly surfaces used for eating or other activities that involve your face — this virus thrives on various surfaces like the strong, independent pandemic it is

– Disinfecting sprays are perfect for countertops, while wipes can be used for remotes, keyboards, cellphones, doorknobs, steering wheels, etc. — think of yourself as King Midas, except for everything you touch becomes contaminated or can contaminate you

Cough and Sneeze Responsibly 

– At work, home, while using public transit, and beyond, be mindful that this virus is largely spread through the air 

– Cough and sneeze into a tissue, the crook of your arm, or — if you have to — the inside of your shirt — watch this video about the impacts of coughs or sneezes if you need convincing

Stay Home 

– If you start to feel flu-like symptoms, stay home and cut off physical contact with others
– Health professionals now recommend all Americans — even those who feel healthy — practice social distancing and avoid groups of more than 10 people

– If you feel fluish, self-quarantine and call your doctor to describe your symptoms and get further healthcare instructions 
*Pro telemedicine tip: ROKiT Phones are equipped with ROKiT Telemedicine that allows you to connect with a doctor through your phone in less than 15 minutes*
– Limit contact with people outside of your home whenever possible — if you can work remotely, now is an important time to do so

Wear A Mask

– If you’re feeling sick, wear a mask when you need to be around other people to avoid exposing them
*Note: wearing a mask when you’re not sick is ineffective and might contribute to mask shortages for people who actually need them. Don’t be that person.* 

– Masks need to fully cover your nose and mouth and fit snugly on your face to work — the point of the mask is to keep you from spraying your coughs and sneezes into the airspace, not to look cool 

If you still have questions about the virus, we recommend this helpful Q&A from the World Health Organization. 

We all have a part to play in preventing further spread of this virus. Be smart and stay healthy!

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