Helpful Tips for Working from Home

Hello all you social distancers! We’re here with a few tips for working from home.

For many of you, this might be the first time you are working from home for an extended period of time. While this can be an exciting change for many reasons (hooray for no commute), it can also present some challenges. We have some helpful tips for navigating this new way of life. Also, thank you for doing your part to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Establish a Routine

At an office, it is easy to fall into step alongside your coworkers. Remote work requires some personal discipline. Creating a schedule for your workday will help with time management and productivity when no one is supervising your every move. Consider waking up at your usual time and using the extra hour or so for exercise, a leisurely breakfast or another activity before you dive into your work day. 

Set Up Your Space

Designate a part of your home that will become your new workspace. Ideally this will be somewhere you can avoid distractions and create a work-like environment. If possible, try to mirror your desk set-up at your normal place of business. Also — as you probably learned in high school or college — don’t try to work from your bed! 

Dress for Success

The clothes you wear can influence your mindset. When working from home, dressing for the day will enable you to turn on your “work brain” and avoid feeling like every day is an endless Sunday afternoon. Some WFH experts even recommend wearing shoes you would normally wear to work, rather than just socks or slippers. 

Eat Regular Meals

Working from home might make you feel like snacking, but do your best to keep your diet consistent with how it is during a normal work week. Unhealthy changes in your regular food intake can contribute to a drop in your immune system, mood swings, and brain fog. It might help to work where you do not have a direct view of your kitchen. Also, make sure to take a formal lunch break for yourself like you would at work. 

Move Around

On a typical work day you are likely to get up every so often to talk to coworkers, head to meetings, grab lunch, etc. At home, you should make an effort to get out of your chair several times throughout the day. Moving a little every hour can help with avoiding energy slumps, and boosting brain activity. You might even consider taking a 15-minute break each day to go for an outdoor walk. 

Stay in Touch

When you are accustomed to the daily activities in an office, working from home might make you feel disconnected from your coworkers. But thanks to instant messaging services and video conferencing, it has never been easier to keep in contact with your team from almost anywhere. Try to check in with your coworkers regularly throughout the day for business reasons as well as for fun. You could even try hosting a virtual happy hour after working hours using video conferencing from a computer or a ROKiT Phone. If your group could use an extra laugh, add a funny background to your video chat

Do Your Work

Working from home is not summer vacation. It might present a more comfortable and convenient set up than at an office, but remember you still have a job to do. Keep yourself on task by making a list each day of projects you are working on. This will also be helpful when your boss checks in with you. Try to limit distractions in your workspace and instead carve out a few short breaks for yourself during the day where you can unplug for a moment before returning to work. 

It might take a few days to get comfortable working from home, but be patient with yourself and keep in mind that you are potentially saving lives by practicing social distancing. You’ve got this!

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