FAQs: What is ROKiT Talk?

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We are back to address another FAQ. This time we want to answer your questions about ROKiT Talk. 

What is ROKiT Talk?

ROKiT Talk is a premium WiFi calling service that allows you to make unlimited calls to anyone in the United States. Even if they’re on a landline. If you are missing your family or friends abroad, you can also call landlines in over 60 countries and mobile phones in over 30. Pretty cool if you ask us. 

Is there a list of all these countries?

We’re glad you asked! Click here to see the full list of countries supported.  

So, where can ROKiT Talk be accessed?

ROKiT Talk is one of our ROKiT Life Services, found in the ROKiT Launch Control app on your ROKiT phone. 

How much does ROKiT Talk cost?

Normally, this service is offered for $2.99 per month. However, here at ROKiT Phones we believe that staying connected to friends and family is now more important than ever before. That’s why we are currently offering six free months of ROKiT Talk when you buy a ROKiT iO 3D or iO Pro 3D

That’s not all! For a limited time we will send you a free Rock ‘N’ Rolla Junior turntable with your purchase plus shipping. Music makes everything better!

Where can ROKiT Phones be purchased?

ROKiT Phones are available in stores across the country as well as online through Walmart, Amazon, and our website. Right now with temporary store closures and high shipping demands, just know that ROKiT Phones can be purchased 24/7 at ROKiT.com.  

Remember, social distancing shouldn’t mean losing human connection. Here at ROKiT Phones, we’ve got your back! Tell us who you’re calling with ROKiT Talk by tagging @rokitofficial.

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