ROKiT FLiX 3D: 3D Videos for Kids

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Staying home during the workweek and weekend can be a bit of a challenge, especially for parents. Entertaining kids 24/7 is a full-time job on its own. And now many schools are heading into spring break for a week. We want to help by offering some of our favorite kid friendly movies that your children can watch right from your ROKiT iO 3D or iO Pro 3D device. This will allow you to take a few minutes to yourself, while those kiddos of yours stay entertained. Come on, you deserve it! 

ROKiT FLiX 3D: 3D Videos for Kids 

Safari 3D
Pint-sized animal lovers get an up close and personal view of majestic African wildlife in this informative and engaging 3D safari. We recommend bringing a stuffed animal friend for the journey. 

Turtle Vision 3D
Sammy the animated turtle and his buddies take your child on an adventure through the world’s oceans, teaching along the way about the beauty of the sea and its natural inhabitants. 

Chris Korn’s Magic Minute 3D
Budding magicians and magic fans will enjoy seeing tricks that pop right out of the screen, performed by a master of sleight of hand. 

Grab B.A.G. 3D
This ROKiT FLiX 3D original features episodes following rambunctious brothers Ben, Abe, and Gus as they unbox a wide-range of toys and test them out for lots of fun. 

3D Touchdown Dancing with Derwin
Your little sports fan might be missing football, but they don’t have to miss out on endzone celebrations. Check out this series of ten goofy touchdown dances from Chargers safety Derwin James that might just get the whole family moving.

Journey to Space 3D
Space is full of wonders that are best captured in 3D. This four-part series has amazing visuals sure to bring out the inner space explorer in everyone. 

The Bible 3D
The masterful animation team at ROKiT Studios has brought the Old Testament to life with this series. There are currently 24 educational episodes to make up for lost time in Sunday school or act as a bible study companion. Bonus: new episodes are released in ROKiT FLiX 3D every Tuesday. 

There are numerous other family-friendly titles in ROKiT FLiX 3D worth checking out, but the above are some of our personal favorites for every taste. We also want to include a few fun 3D videos your children can watch on the YouTube app on your ROKiT iO 3D or iO Pro 3D device. 

YouTube in 3D

Before watching 3D Videos on your ROKiT Phone, see our blog post about enabling 3D viewing in 3rd party apps on your iO 3D or iO Pro 3D device. 

Virtual Roller Coaster Videos
Does your thrill-seeker miss going to amusement parks? We found a playlist full of 3D roller coaster videos sure to keep them entertained, even at home: click here to watch.

Disney Fireworks
There is nothing quite like a Disney fireworks show. For you Disney parks fans, here is a great 3D video that your kids will love, featuring the Disney Wishes show: click here

For fans of the adorable minions from the Despicable Me franchise, we found this 3D compilation of some of their short films and memorable movie moments: click here to view. 

Thanks for doing your part and practicing social distancing! Share with us how you and your family are entertaining yourselves at home by tagging @rokitofficial

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