World Health Day 2020: Exercising at Home

Hello everyone,

Today is World Health Day. We have talked about the importance of maintaining positive mental health while staying home and practicing social distancing. Now we want to cover the other side of that coin: physical health. 

The month of April is Move More Month, so we want to offer some ways to get your body moving. The idea of working out right now might not spark joy, but trust us, you will feel a lot differently once you get the endorphins flowing. Plus it’s an excuse to create or discover the perfect playlist. Celebrate World Health Day 2020 with these home exercise ideas.

Embrace the Run/Walk

New to running? Allow us to introduce you to the run/walk. This style of running allows your body to ease into a regular running routine. The basic idea here is to run for a short interval, and then walk at a decent pace until you are ready to run again. The first few days might involve more walking than running, but remember that any exercise is better for your body than sitting. You can even get your kiddos involved — try to make a game out of seeing who can run the longest or fastest before stopping to walk. 

Find Your Inner Yogi

Cardio isn’t your only exercise option. Beginner yoga is a great way to build flexibility and strengthen your back and core — long periods of sitting can weaken these muscles. This type of workout also promotes healthy blood flow and can relax both your body and mind. Yoga is kid-friendly as well as a perfect exercise to do with a partner

Boogie Down

When in doubt, dance it out. Put on some music that you just can’t resist moving along to and let your body do the rest. Dancing is one of the most fun ways to elevate your heart rate and burn some calories. Plus, it’s hard to worry about anything while you’re having a dance party. Share the joy and get other dancers involved, even via video chat

No Equipment Necessary

Fancy gear is not essential to get in a meaningful strength training workout. Pushups, sit ups, squats, supermans, and many more exercises do not require anything other than a clear workout space. For inspiration, check out this video from fullback Alec Ingold of the Las Vegas Raiders — did we mention we sponsor the Raiders? If you want to get fancy, you can also incorporate everyday household objects into your workout. Now is the time to get creative!

Do a Workout Tape

Okay, workout tapes might have gone out of style around the turn of the century, but they have modern equivalents. YouTube is full of free workout videos for every ability and interest. Belong to a gym? See if they offer classes via video chat or online streaming. There are also a number of workout apps that you can check out. Some people even offer exercise tutorials on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. The good news is that there is no shortage of content, so you can find a video that fits your fitness objectives. 

We understand that it might be difficult to find the necessary motivation to exercise at this time, but staying physically active is essential to maintaining your health and keeping your immune system in fighting shape. Thankfully every little effort counts, so be patient with yourself and have fun with it! Share with us how you’re moving this month by tagging @rokitofficial

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