ROKiT Phones Presents: The Bible

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We hope you are enjoying this lovely spring day.

During this time many religious individuals return to the scriptures to reflect on the text and its meaning in our world today. In honor of those of you who are observing Holy Week or Passover, we want to highlight the ROKiT Phones animated series dedicated to the Judeo-Christian tradition: The Bible

As life becomes more virtual, we feel it only makes sense that the Bible should also be offered in this form. Our hardworking animators at ROKiT Studios have brought the books of the Bible to life, beginning with the Old Testament — or the Torah. Each chapter takes a section of the Bible and turns it into an easily digestible clip perfect for both those revisiting the Bible and those experiencing it for the first time. 

We are proud to offer The Bible movie in ROKFLiX 3D on your ROKiT 3D phone and on our YouTube channel. Also, episodes are now live in Apple Podcasts under The Bible Video Podcast. Pro tip for all you podcast newbies: Apple Podcasts is available on the web from any computer in addition to all Apple devices.

Take a look at the first episode of our series, featuring the creation of the world:

Did that pique your interest? If so, there are plenty more episodes where that came from! Seasons 1 and 2 covering the book of Genesis are currently available in ROKFLiX 3D and Apple Podcasts. We are also releasing new episodes on both of those platforms and YouTube every Tuesday morning.

We hope you and your family enjoy The Bible and The Bible Video Podcast as you spend this important time together. Share with us how you’re watching the series by tagging @rokitofficial.

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