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By now you might feel as if you’ve exhausted all unique at-home activities — especially if you have children. But worry not! We have some creative activities and easy craft ideas to mix things up when you and your quarantine buddies are feeling a little bored or burnt out.

Press Flowers

This is a mellow activity for kids and adults alike. Flowers can be sourced from your yard, a grocery store bouquet, or a wild patch you might spot on a nature walk. You don’t need too many, just a few flowers to press and turn into a lovely little piece of art to display in your home. We recommend following this helpful guide to make a nice one. The process can take a few days to a few weeks to get right depending on the method you choose, but hey, you have the time.  

Take an Art Class

Now is a great time to brush up on your artistic skills. YouTube is full of instructional videos on all sorts of art — drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, photoshop illustration, etc. Some illustrators are even sharing lessons on Instagram. Assess what materials you already have at home or what you could easily and safely get from a store, and choose the right medium and instructor for you. This is another great activity to have friends and family join in, even via video conference. Hello virtual wine and paint night! 

Host a Variety Show

The month of April is National Humor Month. Ever wanted to be a standup comedian? Try your best to come up with a small joke set and see if you can get your besties or extended family involved for a fun comedy video conference. How about some music? Expand the event to include sharing songs on guitar, piano, a cappella, etc. Let’s not forget the dancers. This is a great opportunity to show off some new dance choreography. Poets and actors might also want to join in on the fun by performing a chosen work for the group. Life is more rich when we share our talents with each other, particularly when our usual venues for creative expression are temporarily closed. Don’t forget to include the grandparents who never miss a dance recital or play. 

Create a Tournament

There is nothing like a friendly competition. Without live sports to watch or the ability to play on a team, many of you might be feeling a little antsy. Why not devise your own tournament at home? Almost any game or activity can be turned into a competitive one. All you need to do is establish an agreed upon set of rules, point system, and perhaps delegate an unbiased judge — depending upon the participants involved. From there, the sky’s the limit. Just try to make it fun!

Have a Virtual Game Night

Missing game nights with your friends or family? Try playing a game via video conference. Charades is a classic parlor game that is easy to arrange and translates very well on a video call. Screen sharing on video conferences opens up other possibilities such as doing a crossword together as a group, doing online quizzes like those found on the Sporcle website, or playing any number of online games such as Scattergories or Codenames. Pictionary, tic tac toe, and hangman can be played via the Zoom whiteboard feature — it allows you to draw for all participants to see. 

Plan a Special Meal

Who doesn’t love a tea party? You can host your own high tea at home with just a couple of tea options and some fun finger foods. This is also a fun excuse to dress up a little bit after days of loungewear. Not a tea fan? Plan a picnic instead. Spread out a blanket in your living room or back yard and enjoy your dishes with some music playing in the background. Missing happy hour? Make your own charcuterie board and special cocktails for you and mocktails for your kiddos. If you’re looking for new recipes to try, our friends at ROKiT Drinks host a live drink-making class — Cocktails & Conversations — twice a week over at their Bogart Spirits Instagram page

Go Through Old Photos

Have some photo albums and old yearbooks lying around? This might be a good opportunity to reminisce about the past by going through these little time capsules. It’s a great way to share past memories with your kids or partner. You can even get your extended family or old friends involved in the fun via video conference. They might also have some photos of their own that they want to share. If you are seeking out someone without video-chatting capabilities, you can always just give them a call on their mobile phone or landline through ROKiT Talk. Now is a great time for reflection and connection with others. 


This is a unique time for all of us. One that we will surely talk about for years to come. It might be a nice exercise for you to journal about your experiences while sheltering at home. Perhaps you have some funny stories to share? Write those down — you might not want to forget them. Maybe you’re feeling anxious or scared? Journaling can be a therapeutic way to deal with these feelings and make them more concrete and manageable in your mind. Whatever you write about, we guarantee that one day you will appreciate having something to look back on when recalling this historic event.  

Staying home all day doesn’t have to be a drag. When your work is done, remember that there are plenty of fun and engaging activities at your fingertips. Just let your imagination run wild and when all else fails, remember that ROKFLiX 3D and other streaming services are there for you. Show us your creative quarantine craft ideas by tagging @rokitofficial. Have a great rest of the week!

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