Earth Day 2020

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! The day marks the start of the modern environmental movement in the United States in 1970. Over the past 50 years, Earth Day has become a global event, uniting over 190 countries in support of the health of our planet. In honor of the celebration, the team at ROKiT Comics created a special Earth Day 2020 issue. Here’s the awesome cover:

The comic is available for purchase on the EarthX Website. You might also want to check out their Earth Day livestream events running through April 26.  

If you’re wondering what you can do to help our planet this Earth Day, take a look at some quarantine-friendly ideas below. All of the ideas below help us nurture the Earth. The better we take care of Mother Nature, the more she will thrive! 

Plant a Garden

Earth Day is the perfect day to start a gardening project. Planting a garden is good for the environment and it’s a fun activity to do with children. They can get their hands dirty while you teach them about tool safety, seasonal planting, and proper watering. If you plant fruit, vegetables, or herbs you could even cook together one day with fruits of your labor.. Don’t have an outdoor space where you live? See this guide about indoor gardening.

Reduce Water Waste

Now that you’re home more often, have you noticed a dripping sink or noisy toilet? American homes waste an average of ten thousand gallons of water per year due to leaks. Watch this video for how to repair a leaky faucet. This guide will help with fixing a running toilet. While you’re at it, consider installing one of these water-saving devices in your home. Leaks are not the only way we waste water. Taking long showers, leaving the tap on for too long, and washing small loads of laundry or dishes are common bad habits. Try to be more aware of how you and your family are using water and see if you all can use less in your daily routines. 

Reduce Energy Waste

Another major source of waste within the home is energy waste. Every appliance and device plugged directly into an outlet uses electricity, even when it’s not being turned on. You can save energy by unplugging those that are not in use or by utilizing smart power strips. Reducing energy waste can even be as easy as turning off the lights in unoccupied rooms and utilizing natural light while working from home during the day. Consider also replacing your incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs that use less power and last longer. Heating water requires a great deal of electricity as well, so think about reducing water temperatures used for showers, dishwashing, and laundry. 

Reduce Food Waste

Right now you might be buying more food to keep at home than ever before. It can be tempting to go a little overboard during trips to the grocery store, but this might lead to unused food that ends up getting thrown away. Reduce food waste by planning meals, sticking to a grocery store list, and storing food efficiently. Commit to using everything you buy and try to focus on purchasing more whole foods — like fresh fruits and veggies — and those with minimal packaging. When you’re ready to throw things out, don’t forget to recycle. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could start a compost bin — it’ll come in handy for your garden.  

Go Paperless

Do you still get paper bills and financial statements? Take the time to switch all of these over to electronic invoices. Companies have made this process easy — most paper statements have a note about how to make the change. This simple act can reduce paper waste for your household and might even make it easier to keep track of all of your financial information on your computer.  

Don’t Drive on Earth Day

Cities across the globe have been seeing reduced carbon emissions from changes to daily life — including fewer cars on the road — during this period of quarantine. Many people still might need to drive occasionally during this time, but it is not an every-day necessity for most right now. This Earth Day, see if you can go the entire day without using your car. If you have to buy food, try to bike or walk if there’s a nearby grocery store or take-out option. 

Minimizing your impact on the environment does not have to be a major chore. You can start simply by committing to using one hour less of electricity each day and instead reading a book in a naturally lit room or going for a contemplative walk. Earth Day is all about recognizing the role we play in environmental degradation and finding ways to live more eco-friendly lives. Join us tomorrow in doing little things to reduce our impact on this beautiful planet we call home.

Happy Earth Day! 

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