Quarantine Date Ideas

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Social distancing might complicate daily life, but it doesn’t have to hinder romance. With many traditional date ideas off the table during the quarantine, we have to get creative. If you are looking for quarantine date ideas give these safe, yet fun couple activities a whirl. 

Go for a Long Walk Together

Lengthy strolls present an opportunity to enjoy nature, chat without many distractions, and to shake off some cabin fever. Couples who are living in the same place can safely walk together. Just stay 6 or more feet away from anyone you encounter. For those who are separated, long walks “together” can be accomplished via video chat — just be careful not to run into anything or cross any traffic. You can make it a more interactive experience by sharing what you see, hear, and smell on the walk while you both are gabbing on the phone. Just signed up for a dating app? A virtual tandem walk could be a pretty chill first date idea. You could even take a walk to your favorite scenic spot and have a chat with your virtual date there. 

Do a Quarantine Beer or Wine Tasting

Are you and your significant other beer or wine fans? Do an at-home tasting. Pick a few brands you have never purchased and try them out. You can mimic the brewery or winery experience by making tasty appetizers or putting together a charcuterie board. Have friends you usually invite for such an occasion? Ask them to join you for a double date via video conference.  If you live in Los Angeles, we recommend adding ABK beer from ROKiT Drinks to your list — now available for local delivery.

Take a Dance Class

Did your spouse promise to take a ballroom dancing class with you, but never followed through? Now is the time to learn. There are a number of resources on the internet to help you two prepare to “wow”  an audience from the dance floor at your next event. There are paid partner dance classes offered on sites like Learn to Dance that create a more structured learning plan. If that’s not your style, YouTube features hundreds of free videos such as this one from Howcast. You both will be synchronized dancers in no time!

Host a Game Night

Missing hangouts with other couples during quarantine? Plan a virtual game night. There are a number of games that can be played over video chat such as charades, Pictionary, Scattergories, and Codenames. Modifications can also be made to popular games like Scene It, Trivial Pursuit, Apples to Apples, and Cards Against Humanity to make them work virtually. Just make sure everyone playing has access to a set of the game cards.

Travel from Your Couch

Did you have a trip planned that you had to cancel? Perhaps you were scheduled to go for vacation or attend a friend’s wedding. See if there is a virtual travel option available such as this one for Austin. Scroll through the famous sites and maybe even order takeout to match your destination to really set the mood. Just looking to transport yourselves to another place? Check out these virtual travel options from The Smithsonian. This activity would also work via video chat for those of you who want to be more than two places at once.

Set Up a Theater at Home

Do you both miss going to the movies? Bring the theater to you by transforming your living room. Make some popcorn, drape a few sheets or blankets to make an enclosed space, and cut the lights. Have a back yard and a projector? Consider bringing the fun outside for more of a drive-in movie experience. Just make sure you don’t bother your neighbors. For those of you who miss seeing stage shows, here is a list of streaming options sure to excite any thespian.

Cook Together

Do you fancy yourselves chefs? Plan a cooking date night. Make something you have always wanted to try out but never felt like you had the time or patience to make. If you live together, you can split up the duties for the recipe. If your date will be virtual, go through the recipe together, step-by-step. Keep each other on the line and then share in the tasting experience. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might even attempt the same process for dessert.  

Have a Romantic Dinner

Cooking together can lead to a romantic dinner for some, but not for everyone. If only one of you loves to cook, it might be best that this person makes the dinner. If neither of you are fans of working in the kitchen, then order in from a fancy restaurant. Long distance? Get takeout from your favorite restaurants and eat together over video chat. We suggest dressing up nicely, playing a little soft background music, and lighting some candles to make the night feel more special. This could also be a fun idea for those of you at the very beginning of a relationship. So don’t be shy to do this with a virtual Tinder date! 

Plan a Spa Day

This is a stressful time, especially for parents. Try to set the kids up with a movie and take that time to yourselves for relaxation. Play calming music, light aromatherapy candles, and do your own spa treatments. The easiest option is to prepare a sudsy bath and put on face masks or eye coverings. Kudos to you if you own a foot bath — this is your time to shine. Those feeling especially generous might consider giving each other shoulder massages and foot rubs. These are tense times. Throw in robes and a little cucumber water for an authentic experience.     

Get Deep

With the pace of life slowed, many are using this time to reflect on their lives and relationships. Consider taking time to strengthen your connection to your significant other by sitting down and answering the 36 Questions That Lead to Love from the New York Times. The questions get more serious as they go, so see if the two of you can make it all the way through to the end. The purpose is to promote greater intimacy and trust through openness and acceptance. Listen to one another and be honest in your responses. It is best to answer the questions in person, but don’t shy away if the two of you are living apart. We wouldn’t recommend doing this for a first date, unless you want to get to know one another very, very quickly.

Remember you don’t have to plan an elaborate date to make one another feel loved and appreciated. Focus on prioritizing your relationship in small ways, and the rest will fall into place. You are in this together! Share your social distance dates with us by tagging @rokitofficial.

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