The Race All-Star Series

Calling all racing fans:

Don’t spend another weekend without professional competition! We have just the thing for you! ROKiT Phones is a proud sponsor of The Race All-Star Series, a virtual racing championship that brings together some of the best drivers from around the world — pros, legends, and simracers.

Unlike most traditional motorsport competitions, The Race All-Star Series has been continuously evolving since its debut. This past weekend marked the end of the three-round All Star Cup, with masterful simracer Erhan Jajovski taking the top spot. Catch up on the action from last Saturday here. You can find the previous races of the series on THE RACE channel on YouTube.

This Saturday will kick off a five-week series with some exciting additions. The new structure will divide the drivers into championship categories of pros, legends, and simracers. Every broadcast will feature a qualifying session and two races — the second in reverse-grid format — for each of the classes. Racing purists will be happy to hear that ROKiT Williams, ROKiT Venturi, Mercedes-Benz-AMG, Petronas Esports, Aston Martin, and BMW will be joining the action and fielding two-car entries into the pro series. 

Fans should feel right at home watching these highly realistic races featuring familiar faces, and virtual versions of well-known professional tracks. The heats each race day are time-constrained and fast-paced, allowing you to get into the racing spirit without taking up your entire Saturday. 

The Race All-Star Series will be streaming this Saturday at 9am PST on YouTube, and will air live on ESPN2 and the ESPN app. Click here for more information about the five-round championship beginning this weekend. 

Looking for more? Formula E just launched their own simulated motorsport competition: the ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge. The races feature real Formula E drivers as well as competitive gamers and influencers. Our drivers from ROKiT Venturi racing — Felipe Massa and Edoardo Mortara — will be taking part in the virtual season, so be sure to keep track of how our boys do. All funds generated from the races will go to UNICEF and aid with its COVID-19 relief efforts. Click here to learn more about the competition. 

It might be a tricky time to be a sports fan, but remember that these small sacrifices are worth it in the long run. We can’t wait until the Formula 1 and Formula E seasons return, but in the meantime, join us in watching these exciting virtual races. Let us know who you’re rooting for on Saturday by tagging @rokitofficial.  

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