National Nurses Week

Hello friends,

Tomorrow marks the start of National Nurses Week. There are over 3 million nurses in the US, many of whom have been on the frontlines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Nursing is an essential, but often thankless profession. We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the irreplaceable work nurses do, and share ways that we can all support them during this time. 

Practice Social Distancing

One of the best ways to help nurses around the country is to continue to follow CDC guidelines, and practice proper social distancing. The risk of viral infection is still very high. As our country begins to open up more businesses and loosen restrictions on public activities, it’s important that we do so without causing another surge in hospitalizations. Nurses are responsible for the majority of patient interaction in hospitals. We know it has been a challenging time, but just think of those who have been working endless grueling shifts, risking illness and serious mental health issues to try to save lives. Stay home when you can, wear a mask in public, keep washing your hands, and avoid large gatherings. If you are experiencing symptoms or if you have come into recent contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus, self-quarantine and remotely (and safely) connect with a healthcare professional through services such as ROKiT Telemedicine

Thank a Nurse

Small gestures of gratitude go a long way. Make a point to thank a nurse this week. If you know any nurses personally, reach out to let them know you are thinking about them and offer your support. Many nurses and their families have to be especially careful about limiting exposure to others. Ask if they could use your help with purchasing groceries or if they would accept a home-cooked meal from you. If you don’t know any nurses personally, consider sending greeting cards to your local hospital to thank the nursing staff for the work they are doing. Get your kiddos involved and have them add some drawings and words of their own. Kind and positive messages like these can brighten up a dark ward, and serve as a reminder of why nurses show up to work every day. You can also share messages through the website

Make a Donation

There are many ways to offer financial support to nurses in your community and across the country. The American Nurses Foundation accepts donations that benefit nurses working throughout the US. You can make a general donation or donate in honor of a specific nurse. If you are better equipped to donate your time, look into volunteering with the Red Cross to lend a helping hand in your community. If you have recovered from COVID-19, you can help by donating plasma that can be used to help fight the virus.

Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare industry. You can learn more about their many roles here. This National Nurses Week, share with us the special nurses in your lives by tagging @rokitofficial. Thank you, nurses, for all that you do!

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