Mother’s Day 2020

Hello All,

Happy Friday! 

This Sunday is a very special day: Mother’s Day. A few weeks ago, the Today Show reported that quarantine is taking a major mental toll on mothers. In light of this, we want to offer ways you can show your mom some love and help her relax this Mother’s Day. 

Take Charge of Household Chores

Is your mom constantly doing chores around the house without much help? With everything going on, it’s likely she is experiencing a bit of burn out. Now is the perfect time for you to pitch in. This Mother’s Day, tell your mom that you will handle the weekly house cleaning and laundry so that she can have some free time. If you have siblings also quarantining at home, get them involved as well. Studies show that having a clean house actually makes us happier and diminishes stress, so this is a great way to give your mom a boost. Pro tip: household chores are always easier to accomplish with a little music playing in the background.

Prepare a Special Meal

Treat your mom to a special meal at home. Find a recipe that she might love, buy all the ingredients, and get cooking. A Mother’s Day brunch is always fun and perfect for beginner cooks. It might also give you a chance to try to make the whipped coffee everyone’s talking about. More experienced chefs might try their hand at an elaborate dinner. If cooking is not your forte, consider picking up something from her favorite restaurant. For those of you not with your mom, you can still coordinate delivery from a local restaurant in her area. Whatever you choose, she will appreciate your efforts. 

Arrange an At-Home Spa Day

Nothing says relaxation quite like a spa day. Gather soothing supplies such as: eye covers, bath salts, a face mask, candles, cozy slippers, and a robe. Then, help her put on some calming music or a guided meditation. Encourage your mom to take as much time as she’d like to unwind and make sure everyone in your house knows to avoid disruption. Not certain how to set this up? Here’s a helpful guide for planning a spa day at home. Don’t forget to break out some cucumber water when she’s finished. 

Plan Some Quality Time

Set aside some of your day when you can be completely available to talk in person, over video chat, or on the phone. Keep the conversation going by asking her things you’ve always wanted to know about her life or your childhood. Check in about what might be causing her stress or anxiety and see how you can help. If there’s an activity you miss doing together, try to arrange to do it at home or over video conference if possible. If you and your kids are somewhere else, make sure to include them in your call to say hi to Grandma. Talking at length to a loved one helps to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, so make it a priority to give your mom some undivided attention on Sunday. Remember that ROKiT Talk offers you unlimited wifi calling so you can stay on the line as long as you want. 

When in doubt, you can always ask your mom what she wants to do with her day and help to make that happen. Mother’s Day is all about helping moms feel loved and valued for all they do in our lives. No matter what you do on Sunday, your mom will have a good day if you make this your main goal. To the moms out there, happy Mother’s Day from all of us at ROKiT Phones!

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