International Day of Families 2020

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Happy Friday! Today is a special day: International Day of Families. The UN started this day of awareness 27 years ago with the goal of focusing on the importance of families, and the issues they face around the world. We cannot think of a better time to dive into this cause. Here are some ideas for how to observe this special day. 

Support Local Businesses

Many small businesses in your community are owned and operated by families that rely on them as their primary source of income. The past few months have been financially challenging for most of us, particularly those who own these types of businesses. One way you can lend a helping hand is by making an effort to shop at local stores and restaurants. Is there a farm stand or farmers market near you? Consider buying from families selling their fresh produce or other goods. Celebrating National Pizza Party Day today? Order takeout pies from your favorite family-owned pizza joint. Observing National Chocolate Chip Day instead? Grab some delicious chocolate chip cookies from a bakery in your neighborhood. Look around your community and see what local businesses you can patronize instead of the franchises you typically frequent. 

Contribute to Family Focused Charities

Food insecurity is one of the most pressing issues facing families around the world, even in the US. One charity that is working to combat hunger here is Feeding America. They can use donations as well as volunteers. Another organization that helps struggling families is the Salvation Army. Their efforts address poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and much more. Consider donating or sign up to volunteer here. The Children’s Defense Fund is also working to support underprivileged children and families who need assistance, particularly by providing resources to support children’s education while schools are closed nationally. If you prefer to volunteer your time as tutor, check out this opportunity on Brightest. Widespread job loss is another problem that is affecting families during this time. Chrysalis is an organization that works to help low-income LA residents who are struggling to find work. No matter how much time or money you are able to donate to an organization, know that every little bit has an impact on someone in need.   

Make Time for Your Family

The recent changes to our day-to-day schedules have given us all a chance to reflect on what truly matters. We all have families — big or small, biological or not — that shape us and enrich our lives. Today, take the time to connect with your family, wherever they may be. Go for a long walk in your neighborhood to spend some moments together away from technology. Introduce your children to some of your hobbies and interests. Share a meal where you talk about the things that bring you all joy. Chat over the phone or via video conference and tell them how much you love them. Remember that ROKiT Talk gives you unlimited WiFi calling to any number in the US and 60 countries. Whatever you do, try to make family time a priority. 

The importance of family cannot be overstated. Today, find ways to make a positive impact on your own family, and the families in your community. Learn more about the International Day of Families by visiting Share with us how you are celebrating family today by tagging @rokitofficial

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