How to Safely Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Friday Everyone!

This long weekend is our first of this pandemic. With temperatures heating up and restrictions slowly being lifted across the country, it might be tempting to try to have a “normal” Memorial Day Weekend. But, as our friends at ROKiT Telemedicine will tell you, it’s still important to implement proper social distancing in spite of the holiday. Here are some ideas on how to safely practice common Memorial Day Weekend activities. 

Honoring Fallen Soldiers

Memorial Day is dedicated to the remembrance of armed forces members whose lives were lost during their service. Many people spend Memorial Day visiting a cemetery or war memorial to pay tribute to fallen loved ones. This year, these visits can still happen at open cemeteries with proper social distancing measures, such as wearing masks and maintaining six feet of distance from those outside of your household. If your chosen place of memorial is not currently open to the public or requires extensive travel to reach, consider exploring the location online. For example, the Vietnam Memorial offers a virtual tour on their website. You can also pay tribute to those you’ve lost by adding their names to this wall of remembrance and by wearing a poppy in their honor. Memorial Day is a day of human connection, so reach out to friends and family who might be grieving on this occasion, even if it means doing so from a safe distance. 

Attending Concerts and Parades 

Right now is not the time for large gatherings of people in close proximity. But there are a couple alternative options for those missing these events this year. PBS will be broadcasting a pre-recorded telecast of its National Memorial Day Concert on Sunday evening at 8pm Eastern. The American Veterans Center has put together a special National Memorial Day Parade program that will air on local TV stations across the US. You can find the full broadcast schedule here


Memorial Day Weekend is often seen as the unofficial beginning of summer, which makes many want to host a barbecue. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t get your grill on, but be smart. If you have a barbecue at home, keep the party limited to your quarantine crew. If you don’t have your own grill, only use a public grill if you can properly sanitize the grilling area and can keep your distance from other groups. Otherwise, leave the grilling to the experts, and order traditional barbecue or hamburgers from a local restaurant. Your taste buds won’t be mad. 

Having Fun in the Sun

After spending long periods of time inside, you might feel antsy to be out in the sunshine this weekend. Hot weather tends to draw people to beaches and lakes, but again, this is not a time for crowding. If you want to visit one of these hotspots, make sure you follow posted restrictions and guidelines about social distancing. If you see huge gatherings at these locations, you may want to plan another activity outside. You can always find a lesser-traveled hiking or walking trail. Backyard activities are also fun at any age. Speaking of which, if you have a backyard, stay home as a kind gesture for those without any yard space. It’s much safer for you anyway. 


Many families choose to camp during the Memorial Day weekend to get out of the house and into nature. Options are more limited than usual, but many recreation areas and National Parks are beginning to reopen to campers. If you and your family are itching to go wild, make sure you read up on the safety guidelines ahead of time and pack the necessary gear for a COVID-resistant outing. Avoid groups and maintain safe distance on trails. When in doubt, stay home and bring the camping to you. You can set up a tent for your kids in the backyard or living room and enjoy the National Parks remotely. S’mores are still tasty even when they’re roasted at home. 


Memorial Day Weekend has become a big shopping holiday in the US, with numerous stores offering deals to customers. If you like to shop during this time for gifts or even just for yourself, prioritize online options to minimize your exposure. If you are more of an “I need to feel the fabric” type of person, be mindful of the social distancing requirements of stores that are open for limited business at this time. Wear a mask, be patient, and remember that retail staff are doing their best. Also, give yourself extra time for your shopping excursion so you don’t feel the need to rush. You can find deals on the websites of all your favorite brands, even ROKiT Phones. We are offering a special Memorial Day Kit to go with your purchase of a ROKiT Phone. Check out the details on our homepage

When planning things to do on Memorial Day Weekend, remember to prioritize your safety as well as the safety of others. Social distancing does not have to mean a lack of fun, just be mindful of your surroundings. To those who have lost loved ones while serving, please know that our thoughts are with you. We wish you and your families a safe, healthy, and enjoyable weekend! 

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