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Happy Friday! 

Today, many states issued allowances for more public spaces to open such as gyms, museums, and — here in Los Angeles — film and television productions. While you might find it exciting that your social life could be heating up, our friends at ROKiT Telemedicine want to remind everyone that in some areas, cases are still on the rise. With LA reopening, here’s a handy guide for how to safely navigate some common public locations you might want to visit this weekend.

Beaches, Parks & Trails

Ah, the beautiful outdoors. As Southern California residents, we are all for spending time at the beach or on a trail — but be smart. If you and your pals want to plan an outside excursion, leave some space between individuals who are not living together. A picnic circle is enjoyable even with a little extra room. Don a mask for close talking and keep sanitizer handy. Speaking of picnics, don’t share food! Also, if you cannot maintain at least six feet of distance from other groups, that’s a sign to move somewhere else. 


Many establishments are open for dine-in, as long as capacity is kept to a minimum. If you are tired of cooking and take out, wear a face covering at restaurants when you are not eating and sanitize your hands. Again, now is not the time to share food — sorry seagulls. We know this doesn’t sound super fun, but this virus spreads through close contact with others and surfaces they might have infected. Be respectful of the restaurant’s COVID-19 policies and your fellow patrons. 

Grocery Stores

By now, you might have gotten into the grocery store routine of wearing a mask, avoiding aisle crowding, and only touching what you are going to buy. Keep up the good work! Heavily trafficked places like super markets can get pretty germy, so be extra considerate of how you navigate these spaces. 


It’s difficult to cut someone’s hair or paint their nails while maintaining 6 feet of distance. This is why salons are risky for virus transmission. The person attending to you will be wearing protective gear, but you should also cover your nose and mouth as much as possible during your visit. When in doubt, wait a bit longer before you make an appointment. Everyone gets a pass on grooming standards during this time. 


Are you planning a staycation? Make the experience enjoyable for everyone by being respectful of hotel staff and other guests. Wear a mask in shared spaces and do your best to stay at a polite distance from others outside your party. This might mean waiting for the next elevator, but who likes awkward elevator conversations with strangers anyway?  

Large Crowds

The CDC recommends avoiding large crowds as much as possible. If you find yourself in one of these situations, make sure your mask is on properly and you are doing your best to stay six feet away from any surrounding individuals. It is also a good idea to be tested for coronavirus after exposure to such a gathering. ROKiT Telemedicine users can get tested for free with their monthly subscription. ANYONE who starts to feel sick should stay away from others and get in touch with a doctor. Remember that ROKiT Telemedicine is 100% HIPAA compliant and keeps your data safe just like a doctor’s office or urgent care clinic. 

Don’t stress if going out in public for extended periods still feels uncomfortable. Right now, the best policy is to continue to limit your contact with others outside of your living space — so good on you. For the antsy folks, use your best judgment when spending time in mixed company. We will get through this faster if we all do our part. Here’s to a healthy weekend!

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