FAQs: What is ROKiT Hub?

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Happy Friday! 

Many of you might have recently looked for the ROKiT Launch Control App, only to find ROKiT Hub instead. We want to clear up any confusion this might have caused and tell you all about ROKiT Hub.

So, what is ROKiT Hub?

ROKiT Hub is the new and improved ROKiT Launch Control. Just as before, this app houses all of your ROKiT Life Services in one centralized place. Here you can engage with your active subscriptions to services and life management apps like ROKiT Telemedicine, ROKiT Talk, and ROKiT Roadside. Look out for ROKiT FLiX 3D, a new and improved version of ROKFLiX 3D that lives exclusively in ROKiT Hub.

Why the new name?

We think ROKiT Hub is a better representation of all that the app has to offer. Much like a transportation hub, ROKiT Hub is the location from which all other ROKiT Apps are accessed and managed. The new name showcases the improvements to the look and feel of the app similar to how a new haircut symbolizes life changes after a breakup. New name, new design, but fundamentally the same app at its core. 

Do I need to create a new login?

You do not need to create a new login or bother with inputting all your information again. ROKiT Hub was born out of ROKiT Launch Control, so your account details will remain the same. The improvements have been made to the existing app, rather than creating an entirely new app. Thus, your stored data is not affected. You will need to adjust to the new name and user experience, but we think you’ll find this process to be simple and seamless. 

Can I get ROKiT Hub on a non-ROKiT Phone?

At this time, ROKiT Hub is only available for ROKiT Phones. However, we are currently developing the app for all mobile devices. We will update you all when this version of the ROKiT Hub app is ready for the public. 

We hope you enjoy ROKiT Hub and all the ROKiT life apps! If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at (855) 697-6548 or support@rokitphones.com. They are always happy to help.

ROKiT Hub is a part of the larger ROKiT enterprise, co-founded by Jonathan Kendrick. Learn more about the ROKiT businesses and brands here.

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