Our mission

Connecting you to

a better life

ROKiT is a people-first company. We offer revolutionary mobile devices with vital Value Added Services at unbeatable prices, connecting you to a better life. Part of ROKiT Industries, ROKiT was founded by business innovator and philanthropist John-Paul DeJoria and entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick. Visionary business partners using innovative and humanitarian mindsets to build a better, more connected world.


What's a 3D phone without 3D content? Introducing our vast ROKiT FLiX 3D content, TV and video library.

Our lenticular phone display (because no one likes those weird glasses) is the only one of its kind in the UK. You live your life in 3D – now watch on-the-go that way too.

ROKiT Value Added Services

We pair Value Added Services with affordable, high-quality 3D phones. Because we believe having these necessities should be easily accessible, not another worry

ROKiT Cities

ROKiT CITIES is bringing wide area mesh networking Wi-Fi XL services to communities across the world, beginning with 27 of the largest cities in India (and that's just the start!). We believe basic necessities are a right, not a privilege. With only one life-we're here to make sure you ROKiT.

Our Partnerships

Partnering with companies

Celebrating competition, partnering with companies and brands to spur innovation and keep moving forward.

Giving back

Community is key

That's why we partner with brands who share our vision, and who are continually working to create a better, more connected world.