Giving back

Community is the driving force behind everything that we do

We partner with brands who share our vision, and who are continually working to create a better, more connected world for their fans, their communities, and each other.

Aside from our continued efforts here at ROKiT to provide basic Value Added Services to all, we also have more direct local community involvement through our partnership with the Houston Rockets.

Hoops for troops

Hoops for Troops honors active and retired service members, and their families in this year-round military and veteran-serving organization. It is an initiative led by the NBA, its players, and its teams (with their partners like ROKiT).

Rockets first shot

Rockets First Shot is presented by ROKiT prior to each home game. A featured celebrity shoots one free throw to earn money that goes back to the neighboring community. If they make the shot, the Rockets give $5,000 to charity. If they miss the shot, the Rockets give $1,000 to charity. Hit or miss, the community wins! (And there's nothing hit or miss about that.)

Coaches who ROK

And we're sure everyone can think of an athletic coach or leader from our childhood that inspired us in one way or another. Through our new program, Coaches Who ROK, we invite members of the Houston area to nominate a coach who has made a positive impact on the lives of their players, families, and community. The Grand Prize winner plays on the court at Toyota Center, and runner-up coaches receive a suite night for a Rocket's game! Pretty suite, right?

Vets to Vets Thanksgiving Dinner

And this past Thanksgiving, we partnered with the Chargers and the Veteran Advocacy Group of America to provide veterans and their families Thanksgiving dinner, as well as free ROKiT phones.

Value Added Services

Not just a 3D phone,

it's a 'one less thing to worry about' smartphone

With breakdown cover, Wi-Fi calling and Personal Injury cover, in one simple package.

Our Partnerships

Partnering with companies

Celebrating competition, partnering with companies and brands to spur innovation and keep moving forward.