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ROKiT has produced and acquired original 3D content to create the largest catalog of 3D films available for 3D devices. Through the ROKFLiX 3D App, you'll be able to download enough content to watch three films a week and still have over 18 months worth of content.

3D content for everyone

We've spent the time to curate content appropriate for all ages, from live-action and animation to shorts and features. Though most of our stuff is geared toward family-friendly viewing, we've got a variety of edgier content as well.

How our 3D content is made

ROK Studios is run by the Mantello Brothers, who have grossed over 80 million dollars at the box office for 3D features. They are exclusively working to produce both animated and live-action original content for glasses-free viewing on our 3D devices with ROKFLiX 3D. ROK Studios also continues to amass content from the largest 3D content producers in the world, including major film studios.

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