ROKiT Life Services

Now your phone

can fix a flat, bail you out, and cure that rash

We are the first company to pair vital life services with affordable, high-quality phones. Because we believe having these basic necessities is a right for everyone.

ROKiT Talk

ROKiT Talk is an international and domestic calling platform, included with every ROKiT phone, enabling unlimited outbound domestic and international calls to 60 countries.

Family telemedicine

Don't waste time freaking out on the internet every time you think your fever is actually the plague. Talk to a personal doctor from the comfort of your home to clear things up (literally).

Pharmacy savings

Our prescription savings card helps you save on prescriptions for your entire household, including your fur babies. Savings average 60% but can be as high as 70% or more, depending on your prescription. Plus, there’s no enrollment fee and no limits on usage!

ROKiT Roadside

Did you get a flat? Run out of gas? Get locked out of your car? With the help of Roadside Protect, our plan provides help for unexpected roadside emergencies, putting you more at ease when you get behind the wheel. Covered services include: towing to a designated service facility; jump start or battery service; tire change or flat tire assistance; fuel delivery; extracting or winching when your car can't be reached from a public roadway; basic locksmith services like a lost key or being locked out.

ID theft protection

Losing your identity should never go beyond an existential crisis, so we provide up to $1,000,000 of ID theft protection and specialized experts to help restore your life and your name. 1 in 4 people will be the victim of fraud, so identity theft is not a joke.

Burial and cremation service

Your $100,000 death benefit should be spent taking care of your family's needs after you're gone, not on your funeral arrangements. So, we cover your final expenses with an additional $20,000 reimbursement for burial insurance, including body prep, casket, funeral procession, cemetery plot, headstone and other funeral costs.

Family legal services

That's right–there's zero charge for these nine services through Legal Club: Initial phone consultations, initial face-to-face consultations, review of independent legal documents, preparation of a Simple Will, preparation of a Living Will, representation in small claims court, assistance with government programs like INS and Welfare, letters written on your behalf, phone calls made on your behalf.

Accidental death insurance *

Nobody wants to see you go. But if you do, leave your loved ones a little better off, at least financially. Our Accidental Death Insurance will give $100,000 to your designated beneficiary, which you can add or edit using the ROK Launch Control App.

* Accidental Death Insurance is not life insurance. Not available in Washington.

All iO phones come with 3 months of ROKiT Entertainment, ROKiT Talk, and ROKiT Medical.
F-One and One comes with 3 months of ROKiT Medical.*

*Free for a limited time from date of sign-up.


Access an extensive library of the world's best 3D content

ROKFLiX 3D is an app with a huge, exclusive catalog of glasses-free 3D content, available to all 3D ROKiT Phone users.

Giving back

Community is key

That's why we partner with brands who share our vision, and who are continually working to create a better, more connected world.