Movies, TV, music and games. All-in-one.

ROKiT Entertainment is our one-stop-shop for content. ROKiT Entertainment includes both ROKFLiX 3D and ROKiT Media. Now you can enjoy exclusive 3D content through ROKFLiX 3D, exclusive and original TV through ROK TV, a library of 400+ games through ROKiT Games, and curated chart-topping hits through Stingray Music.

As soon as you receive your ROKiT Phone, you'll be able to sign up for these services in the ROKiT Launch Control app.



Per Month

  • Access to the world's largest 3D library
ROKiT Media

(TV, Games, Music)

  • TV, News, Radio, Games, Music
  • Enjoy more than 20,000 TV shows and movie titles
  • Unlimited access to more than 400 chart-topping games
ROKiT Entertainment
  • ROKFLiX 3D + ROKiT Media

Glasses-free 3D content that comes to life in your hands

ROKFLiX 3D: Exclusive 3D content

ROKFLiX 3D is an app with a huge, exclusive catalog of glasses-free 3D content, available to all 3D ROKiT Phone users.


Binge-watch all of your favorites

New, classic, and exclusive content

Watch the latest episodes from top networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, History, and A&E or enjoy hundreds of classic TV shows from the last 50 years. Browse over 20,000 free and pay-per-view titles by genre, actor, rating and more to find the perfect content for any occasion, including our own exclusive content. Plus, you can get the latest box office hits on-demand and on your phone.

Relax and Enjoy

Enjoy hundreds of 24/7 live channels, covering everything from news and sports to music, comedy and more. Find the lowest prices on premium content with our pay-per-view finder–but you'll never pay for content already available for free.

Build your own experience

SmartGuide A.I. Technology makes it easy to find what you want to watch, save titles for later, and get personalized recommendations based on viewing behavior, so you can enjoy your binge-worthy favorites with ease.


Hundreds of games in one app

Unlimited access to over 400 chart-topping games

ROKiT Games offers hundreds of titles for just one price. And did we mention they’re fully unlocked? Your one-stop hub with unlimited access to over 400 chart-topping games. Enjoy premium titles without ads and in-app purchases.

Stingray Music

Access to your favorite artists.

Stingray Music: The perfect soundtrack

Listen to music channels carefully curated for all the moments that matter. Stingray Music makes it a breeze to find the right soundtrack for every feeling, so you can enjoy more tunes with less trouble.

Customized listening

Like your favorite songs to increase their rotation or block songs and artists so you won’t have to hear them again. And with unlimited skips, you'll always listen to the songs you love.

Easy listening, but better

Not sure what you want to hear? Choose from the most popular and related channels, hot new releases, and personalized recommendations. And with Android Auto, now your phone can stream your favorite music to your car for hands-free, rockin' tunes.

All iO phones come with 3 months of ROKiT Entertainment, ROKiT Talk, and ROKiT Medical.
F-One and One comes with 3 months of ROKiT Medical.*

*Free for a limited time from date of sign-up.