IO Pro 3D

All ROKiT phones include 12 months$60 value of international and domestic Wi-Fi calling

ROKiT IO phones also include 12 months of the Life Support Plan (Family Telemedicine + Pharmacy Savings)

ROKiT ROKiT ONE ROKiT ONE $34.99 Pre-Order Learn More
ROKiT ROKiT F-ONE ROKiT F-ONE $39.99 Pre-Order Learn More
ROKiT ROKiT IO Light ROKiT IO Light $89.99 Pre-Order Learn More
ROKiT ROKiT IO 3D ROKiT IO 3D $169.99 Pre-Order Learn More
ROKiT ROKiT IO Pro 3D ROKiT IO Pro 3D $274.99 Pre-Order Learn More

Plus, add any other plans you think make sense for your life:

ROK Life Plans are not sold separately and must be added to the purchase of a device (which includes Wi-Fi calling + other services)

Life Support Plan $4/mo

Family Telemedicine

Pharmacy Savings

Learn More

Life Support Plan

Getaway Plan $3/mo

Family Roadside Assistance

Learn More

Getaway Plan

Contingency Plan $2/mo

Identity Theft Insurance

Family Legal Services

Learn More

Contingency Plan

Backup Plan $5/mo

Burial & Cremation Insurance

Accidental Death Insurance

Learn More

Backup Plan

Coming soon: ROK TV $2/mo, ROK Games $2/mo


To build an unparalleled network of vital communications, health and security services and make them as broadly accessible as possible.

From our founders:

John Paul DeJoria

John Paul DeJoria

Jonathan Kendrick

Jonathan Kendrick

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