Damaged your phone? What a pain.

That can be expensive. But with ROKiT you're covered*

We will replace your phone if you have damage through:

- Screen or phone breakage

- Water damage

- Out of warranty damage

We call it SWAPiT ROKiT.

It's free for the first three months and then you're covered for a full 12 months when you stay subscribed to any Value Added Services package.

* And it's simple, REGISTER in the Launch Control app within 14 days from purchase . Then, if you need to claim, click the SWAPiT icon, complete the form and send us your phone.

Hold up! You get a replacement working phone, we just need to cover the shipping cost back to you.

We'll email you our address to send your phone and ask you to pay £9.40 for us to ship the replacement.

We aim to ship a replacemnet to you within 48 hours* of receiving your damaged phone at our office.

*Terms and conditions apply.


What am I entitled to?

After accidentally damaging your device, you are entitled to one like-for-like handset swap provided you are outside your retailer's returns period.

I've broken my phone, what do I do?

Simply click "Make a claim", login to your Launch Control account then fill-out the request form. You will receive an email invoicing a small amount for return shipping. You will then receive another email with next steps. After your device arrives we aim to ship a replacement (refurbished or new) within 48 working hours.

Why do I have to pay shipping?

This initiative is costly to us, and charging a small amount for shipping allows us to provide this incredible service.

When does cover start?

Cover starts as soon as you register in Launch Control. Please note your Launch Control account needs to be registered within 2 weeks of purchase to activiate your SWAPiT cover. You are able to claim once outside of your retailer's return period.